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im feeling homesick.

today dr. bob compared regular eating to driving along the highway in texas. 

he said, can you tell me the difference between mile 209 and 541? no? well, that's what regular eating is like--it all kinda looks the same.

yes. texas is flat. and much of it looks the same. and it's not exactly scenic (well, not always). 

but oh how i'd love to see the bluebonnets growing along the highway right now.

as best as i can tell
this image is by Darrell Gulin/Corbis
(i found it using google image search--the larger
version is even more beautiful, find it here)


Ash said...

Oh wow. I thought that was an image edited in photoshop--what a surprise to see it's not!

I get homesick when I'm just down the street. Lame, I know.

I confess: I eat way too many sweets. There, I said it! I don't know why I said it, but I did. If I could survive on chocolate for a year, I'd probably do it.

And then never eat it again.

Regular eating is sometimes so boring. C'est la vie.

whitney said...

I would love to be driving through the hill country surrounded by bluebonnets too!

Helen said...

I'm homesick for that place, and I've never even been there!!

Keep on truckin', Meg.

hippie soul said...

This is exactly why I love this time of year in Texas... nothing is better than fields of bluebonnets! (and by "fields", I mean "any patch of grass where they decide to grow!")

~*"*Dia*"*~ said...

Wow, I never imagined that Texas can be so green! I thought of it as a rather droughty area. That's interesting...

Diana said...

Your home state looks beautiful!

i just awarded you <3

MJSSJM said...

Hope day brings sunshine and happiness. xoxo

Helen said...

Hello, Mademoiselle. I tagged you over in my cupboard, so pop over there to find out what you need to do :)

heisschic said...

Beautiful pic. It's weird how a pop of vibrant color like that can be soothing-- or is that just me?

Seeing your post about *him* made my day, my week. I can't thank you enough for adding it to your blog- your note to your husband-to-be made me smile for quite some time.

Once again, thanks, and I hope the homesickness wears off soon!

Hanako66 said...

wow...that road is just amazing!

Prianka said...

hey now,
Texas isn't flat!
I live in Austin aka hill country central. not flat at all here. but I do remember going to McKinney near Dallas and marveling at just how flat the land was.

wildflowers make me happy. :)

I remember in elementary school, we would finger-paint bluebonnets. the blue part would be the length of one section of a finger, and the white part would be dots on top.

Micaela said...

My fellow Texan, i will send you some blue bonnets. You can press them into your journal or put them in a frame.

They are lovely- a cover of blue.

Nicole said...

The bluebonnets are gorgeous right now, I wish you were here so we could take pictures in them!