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tonight we had what some might call a summit. a blog summit, that is.

ahhh--hem (throat clearing): the free dictionary defines a summit as "a conference or meeting of high-level leaders, usually called to shape a program of action" 

Some famous summits you might have heard of: 

Well tonight was another one for the books:

The program of action we discussed?
how to unleash the full potential of our feminine wiles without actually  obliterating all the men in our path...because our wiles are just that strong

As evidenced by the photo we were all business.


naomi megan. said...

ok. why is your photo coloring always so much better than mine?

meg, i love you. i wish i could write like you, be tall like you, have those sexy eye brows like you.

i love you.

i had lots of fun tonight. you two are a riot. lets play again soon.


Helen said...

Er, methinks I'm being mocked for my eyebrow-love ... no matter, I'm standing by it!

Natalie* said...

aaah! i adore you to BITS, you supermodel, you!!

can't wait to have wild adventures when i return to the city for good and always!

until then... .let's start conjuring trouble~!

sheila said...

sounds like you had real 'girl' fun.
me. jealous. again.

Meg Fee said...

Helen my dear, i don't think you're being mocked for your lovely and amazing eyebrow comment! a little secret--they've always been strong and defined (well, not always but for a while now, off topic) the point is clinique's brow pencil changed my life!

Micaela said...

3 amazing women, watch out!!! :)

Helen said...

My foot's tasting pretty yucko, so I'm gonna take it outta my mouth now, 'kay?

And thanks for the secret: I need a good brow pencil.

Krissa said...

I am definitely jealous and envying that summit...darn :[