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roman holiday.

The whirr of the espresso brewing. The lively Italian dialogue coming from the corner television. Three hours of my Sunday morning spent in the corner drinking mocha coffee and pretending I live in Europe. 

I may not be able to afford the real thing right now. But this is pretty good too. It might just be my favorite place in all of New York. For now. 

274 Columbus Avenue (between 72nd and 73rd)
photos by moi


Angela said...

Meg... I am totally planning a vacation for some time this summer. It is totally motivating me to save my duckets so I will be eating nothing but cereal but that's OOOOOKKKKK!!!
It's not Europe, but I want to go to the west coast and then to see Brian in Vancouver.
Why I'm leaving this on your blog?
But love ya.
Things are gooood here. Talk soon.

Helen said...

Sounds divine. I was just thinking about how much I'd like to be in a cafe right now, getting work done and sipping something caffeinated ... alas, I do not have the energy to make myself look presentable ... so the cupboard is where I'll stay.

Thank you for your sweet comment.

Valerie said...

cafe reggio is my favorite place to pretend i am european*

drollgirl said...

this might be inappropriate, but my bro-in-law used to work at a gay bathhouse called the roman holiday. he is straight and rather attractive, and they took one look at him and said YOU ARE HIRED AT THE ROMAN HOLIDAY!

Annabelera said...

Um. Megelah, my darling. You do know that place is RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT on my block, right? If you do not call me the NEXT time you are there, I will have to smother you to death with their olive-oil-rosemary cake, which is amaaazing. (it's also a terrific place for a glass of wine, which you may or may not already know.)

When are we hanging out??

Anonymous said...

Just watched a Venice Special and can't stop closing my eyes pretending the italian sun is shining on my face and not my monitor *laugh*

by the way i just started splitting my posts in english and german, because you forced me to :P

Thao said...

Mmmm, how fun! I spent an afternoon reading at a coffee shop too! Your photos are so cozy and they make me wish it was the weekend again.

P.S. Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog! I think we'd be friends too!

caitlin said...

Meg, you are so sweet, and I am very.. (ok, okay incredibly) flattered that you like my blog. And of course you can link whatever you like. Thanks for your lovely words.

J. said...

Okay, your comment on my blog was absolutely the best surprise this Monday morning could ask for! Thanks! And I wish I could sit at this lovely coffee shop!

Hanako66 said...

that place is adorable...you are lucky to have it near by:)

A. said...

I was looking at this random person's blog yesterday, and she had a bunch of photos from when she went to Europe and it made me feel so sick because I want to go there so badly! I told my boy that life has given me a job in Italy and I start May 1st. [Wouldn't that be nice?]