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the pocket of impossible

Yesterday I wanted nothing more than to unzip my skin and begin again.

Today, with the possible in tow, I will attempt the latter. To begin again. And to store up the courage to believe that in the pocket of impossible is exactly where I'm meant to live. 

Oh Ned, are you really still here?

photo found here by .littlegirlblue


Hanako66 said...

what a great picture to explain your feelings

Couture Carrie said...

I feel you, girl! Fab pic here!


Anonymous said...

Embrace begining again girly!

Helen said...

How did the beginning again go?

Keep hanging in there.

mimi said...

I love the picture, and your blog too. Your posts on Ned really ring a bell - though my own is guised in a tedious history of self harm rather than an ED, and every once in a while I come to this urge to begin again, in just the way you articulate. It's sometimes hard, it sometimes feels like you're going around in circles, but nevertheless there is always a chance for another beginning, every day.

good luck.