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a fire red vespa. and a dream.

There's a fire red vespa that sits on the corner of 67th and Columbus. I want it. I want to steal it. I won't. But I want to. And this is not an invitation for you to do so either.

But sometimes, in my darkest moments, I dream up ways to surreptitiously flip the kick stand and peel off through the park, hair flying in every direction under the matching red helmet I just happened to have in my bag that morning.

However, if I had been riding my vespa last night instead of walking, would I have missed the gentleman in a suit stealing the tree-sized flowers from the Plaza Hotel's dumpster? Or the young boy practicing racquetball against the giant marble wall outside his doorman-guarded building?

Maybe New York is best seen on foot.

Not to worry, I'll get my vespa when I move to Rome. And all will be well in the world.


Helen said...

I love this post. It's up there among my favorites. I grew up on Long Island, but I know very little about NYC and its layout. Should I ever need a tour guide, you would be the gal who I'd choose ... because I adore the way you see the city. When our feet got tired, I'd pay someone to loan us a bright red Vespa.

sheila said...

that sounds fun. and that vespa sounds zippy.
There are times for those and a time for walking as well.
If I lived in NY, I would CRAWL around just to capture everything in.

Miliusia said...

oh yeah, Vespa and Italy. Sounds great. mhm.. i should agree with you, that maybe New York is best seen on foot, because i was never in America.. but hope - i will ;)

Anonymous said...

aawww i would love to have one! but i would prefer babyblue! <3

Alexia said...

Simply- YES! My friends always joke about the image of me on an old-school vespa, in a white dress and a tan, zipping along the coast roads of a Greek island, waving to locals.
Yup. This is the story book version of me.

And no, thank YOU for your kind comment!

Krissa said...

How fun!!!! I would love a vespa as well....Mine would be pink and I would be on my beach house in Australia....Oh...to dream!

Carlita said...

... love this post. mostly because we just recently got new engines in our 1964 vespas. Mine is teal, not red, but i absolutely love it.

one day, i hope everyone has the joy of owning a vespa. or at least riding one for an extended period of time.

it will change your life.

Hanako66 said...

I have always wanted a vespa (specifically a pink one) as well. The only problem is that if I did have one, it would end up in my living room for me to look at because I do not have the mechanical skills to operate such machinery:)

Holly said...

I found your blog recently, your writing is fun to read.

Blog on. :)