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dear husband-to-be,

I hate noisy eaters. And heavy breathers. 

Just so you know.

your doting and delicious wifey-to-be


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

haha! so cute (and so true!).

Helen said...

Ditto! Ditto! These are peeves of mine, too.

drollgirl said...

snort! me too! i just about die when i hear the entire digestive process going on by someone near me: gulp, chew chew chew, swallow, plunk, burp. disgusting. and loud breathing isn't much better.

kalen said...

my husband has problem breathing WHILE eating because of something in his nose or something? and so when he takes a big bite, he lets out this HUGE sigh/breath and sometimes does this weird clearing his throat thing.

... dear god it makes me want to die.


i don't shave my legs every day, i tend to get really bad bikini razor burn, and sometimes i don't take a shower until like 4pm in the daytime... so i figure it's a fair trade.

sheila said...

amen to noisy eaters. Especially in the early morning during breakfast eating cereal. you know, when its quiet, and everyone is reading the newspaper or other... {my brothers will always haunt my memories growing up}

JULIE said...

You are a hysterical writer!

Carolyn said...

Ugh, what about close talkers and constant throat clearers?? Loud breathers have always grossed me out too.

...love Maegan said...

AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAA OMG what is it with men? Um, my husband pretty much does both of those most annoying things!!!! wtf?

Alice Wills Gold said...

I'm a noisy cereal eater....really, who isn't? C'mon be honest...my hubby of almost 12 years just revealed to me the other day that he is finally able to block it out :)

And my argument is that I am 12 years ahead of him...I blocked out his cereal eating from the get go.

miss sarah darling said...

gasp! those are the exact two things i also cannot deal with!!!!

in the noisy eaters category, i most specifically hate the loud cereal eater {sorry previous commenter. nothing personal.}, soup slurper, and loud gum chewer. i literally feel like my head is going to explode when i hear these things.

oooh, or the combination the two, people who eat loudly while breathing heavy...shudder. i have to excuse myself from the table.

so glad somebody else understands!!

Paresh said...

hey but u said you are a "delicious" wife, so isnt it natural to be a noisy eater ??