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February is the month of love.

I love Valentine's day. I love that the holiday brings out the best in Gap Body pajamas. I love the heart-shaped sugar cookies my mom makes. I love the hoopla of it all. And I don't need no boyfriend to celebrate it with. I think it's a great chance to celebrate love in all its many forms. 

So, how's this to kick the month off...

I love that when I went to Fairway on Sunday night the store was empty as I've ever seen it. Why you ask? Well, I went during the Superbowl. Football is one thing I do not love (I know, and I'm from Texas).

 Inspired by the near empty aisles, which allowed for me to fully see all the many food options, good and bad, I decided to show some lovin' to my body...note the chicken breast, pumpkin flax cereal, and soy milk. 

So there you have it...this month as I celebrate all those things I love, I will stop hating Ned and start loving my body. Or at least make a go of it.

kisses and hearts to you all...


Micaela said...

sounds like a perfect plan! :)

and meg, my heart broke JUST a little that you don't like football. GASP! and from texas... wow. wow! is all i can say...

just kidding :)

the ex was a former Sports Director at the news station i worked at when we fell in love so... that is one thing i was glad to keep even after we broke up. lol

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i like committing myself to something in a new month. it really gives you a new outlook and purpose and i think you have a refreshing and optimistic perspective that is truly admirable.

here's to february!

i'm gonna plan on celebrating something- thanks for the inspiration :)

Anonymous said...

I even have fond memories of the "red dinner." Happy Valentine's month!

A. said...

I love Valentine's day... and it always really bugged me how down people would get about it if they didn't have someone. If you don't have someone else to love, love yourself! Love your family. Love a stranger. Who cares. Love something!

February is a much better month than January, I think.

I'm glad you like Valentine's day, too.