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A College Degree?

I excitedly called my father a few nights ago.

Dad, Dad, you'll never believe it...George Eliot was actually a woman!

You see, I've been reading this great book entitled, Once Again to Zelda. It recounts the true stories behind those often cryptic dedications in literature's beloved and best-known works. The title refers to the tumultuous relationship between F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife. 

It's a fantastic read and I'd highly recommend it. I mean really, these people's lives...you just can't make that shit up (pardon my oh-so-politely-placed French).

So my father says, Yeah...you didn't know that? Wow, that says a lot about your high school education. 

But the thing is I had a really fantastic high school education. I could talk about transcendentalism and romanticism till I was blue in the face. And then I could go on for a little while about Faulkner or Joseph Heller. Hell, I could even talk about Myth and Meaning and Joseph Campbell. But I did not know that George Elliot was actually a woman.

So after a minute my dad said, Yeah, I guess it actually says more about your college education.

So I'm left to ask this question: is a Bachelor of Fine Arts more of a euphemism than a degree?


Nicole said...

.... I didn't know that either Meg, should I be worried?

Micaela said...

I will have to read this! thanks for the suggestion. I love Fritzgerald. Have you seen "The Curious case of Benjamin Button" yet? Based on his work... Go see it! you will be blown away by the cinematography. Thanks for letting me borrow your fabulous writing! and no... no bf anymore. 2009, I decided to stop pretending. :( It hurts... but it would hurt much more later so... sigh. xo