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I'm coming out of THE HILLS closet.

I like Lauren a lot. I'm even a fan of Lo. But I love Whitney. And therefore can't wait for the series premiere of THE CITY. 

Last week, a girl at work said I looked like her, Whitney that is. Now listen, I have plenty of delusions about what I look like, this is not one of them. Maybe my New Year's resolution will be to get a body just like hers (well, like the one she had before she too took the Hollywood skinny pill). 

Ahh, who am I kidding. I'm better off going with my already decided upon resolution of taking up swimming. After all, when I meet Michael Phelps I want to have something to talk about. 


Valerie said...

i effing love the hills.

an ex-gentleman caller gave the "the wire" on dvd because he thought it was the best ever. i got bored + started watching the hills instead. this is probably poor taste, yes. but it is true.

i do not think of whitney when i see you. but i do think of you whenever i see meryl streep...?

in other news, i had two student film auditions this week. it's a start! i shall think of them as learning experiences. yes. we need a date soon. and maybe an audition-date. merry christmas, meg*xoxoxo

A. said...

I like the Hills, too... especially Lo. I think she's SO GREAT!

But I also like Whitney and Lauren.

I guess it's not popular nowadays to admit you're still watching, but what the crap, who cares.

naomi megan. said...

as long as you're not talking about speidi. ugh. gross.

sarah said...

i love the hills....cannot wait for the city i will be watching the premiere in l.a. thinking of you!