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I was tagged.

4 things I did today
1. fought off the worst headache I've ever known
2. fell asleep at nine pm, only to be awakened at 12 am (I dreamt that W. died right before the end of his term--of completely natural causes)
3. checked the widgit and was endlessly tickled when I saw that someone searched for the blog on google using this phrase..."brunettes that fill out their jeans" (yeah, baby); this was definitely better than last week when someone searched under "brunette bombshell, died 2008"
4. willed the phone to ring. It didn't. 

4 things on to do list
1. pack. I'm going home on Sunday. yum, yum yum...
2. clean my room. it's still on the to do list. still--how did I get to this point?
3. fall back asleep.
4. prepare for tomorrow's last minute audition. I have to sing--uh oh.

4 guilty pleasures
1. watching re-runs of Frasier
2. the television show Californication
3. Starbucks and The Light Choice (no surprise there)
4. Facebook hunting old flames. I'm trying to stop, I promise. I've even cut most of them off my Friend's list so that I can't actually stalk them.

4 random facts
1. I too, shill, can't stand to wear my hair down. It makes me feel too glamorous. Odd, I know.
2. Sometimes I think I missed my calling. In fact, all the time--I should have been an Olympian. Or a competitive eater. It's a sport, you know.
3. I once went on a kind of date with famed American playwright Sam Shepard. He was very tall and cupped the back of my neck with his hand (this is singlehandedly (no pun intended) the sexiest gesture any man has ever directed toward me). I remember Amy Winehouse was playing on the radio. 
4. today one of the little girls I babysat for had put the figurines of Mary and Joseph (Christmas decorations) face down on her rocking chair. I asked her what they were doing there and she said they were in time out. Mary and Joseph were in time out--it was amazing, kids are amazing.

Tag...you're it!

I know, I know I chose 5, so sue me.


Micaela said...

Meg I'm SO honored! :) I LOL at the last thing... that "Mary & Joseph were in time out." Too cute!!! I ALWAYS ask little kids how old they think I am because the little ones say, "10?" lol ha it's too funny. I love the back of the neck cupping... divine!

Phoebe said...

=)Yes, it's okay that you tagged me. More than okay, perhaps. Thanks... =D

shill said...

i would have to tag you more often, i love how you answer all these!!!LOL :D glamorous, that's it. i've been trying to explain it to myself but to no avail.