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Let's be better

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We no longer have an excuse. It's time to be better. Better fathers, better citizens, better everything. 
{The Oprah Winfrey Show}

As he looked out Tuesday night through the bulletproof glass, in a park named for a Civil War general, he had to see the truth on people's faces. We are the ones we've been waiting for, he liked to say, but people were waiting for him, waiting for someone to finish what a King began.
{Nancy Gibbs, writer for Time magazine}

This election will always be remembered as the dawning of a new era, the first time an African American was elected president. But the amazing thing is that in many ways the election had little to do with race. Americans did not elect him because he was black, or in spite of that fact--people voted for him because they believed he could deliver on a promise of change. The first action he took as president elect was to walk out into Chicago's Grant park and deliver a speech. He didn't walk out triumphantly. He came out sobered, steady, and knowing. He was a man humbled. And if that is any indication of the future then I couldn't be more hopeful. 

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