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I'll be better (tomorrow).

Tomorrow I'll get up at a reasonable hour

Tomorrow I'll survive on more than just chocolate chip cookies

Tomorrow I'll visit my long lost friend, the park

Tomorrow I'll go to work, since tomorrow I have work

Tomorrow I'll take a shower before 4 pm

Yes, I will be better. Tomorrow.


Valerie said...

i think sometimes we need days of beds + cookies. 'tis a very important step in our journeys.

on that note, there is a large chocolate-hazelnut brownie calling my little name*xoxo

Natalie* said...

um.... that's my day . pretty much every day.... and it probably will be tomorrow.... we'll see...

shilvia said...

i love the way you play with words...beautiful :)

[ana] said...

nicely done! :D
love reading ur blog.