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I can't sleep.

I blame this. I'm on the third already. I was going so fast I took a break and did not allow myself to read yesterday. But now I can't sleep. And I feel Edward and Bella beckoning. Not to mention my allergy-attack-induced, stuffed-up nose insn't helping the case for a snooze-fest either. 

The thing is...I'm not even convinced that the books are that well written. Stephenie Meyer doesn't have anything on J.K. Rowling. But...I've been so craving a good love story and a little fun that it doesn't even matter.

Back to the book. Blogging must wait. 


Micaela said...

That's exactly what my friend Lauren says... she just craves the romance. The way the author describes how Bella is feeling when she sees her beloved Edward... I may just have to get started on reading the series huh?

shill said...

hmmm, and i thought i'm the only bookworm who cant put down a book!!!do come back soon meg dear :)