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Why isn't it on your blog yet?

Just so everyone knows...today my roommate facebook stalked me (while I was at work) to find my blogspot address. You see, I had promised to post a picture of him...this picture.

We went to Trader Joe's on Friday and this is one of the goodies he came away with. When I got home, he wanted to know why I hadn't yet posted this little gem (well, he hadn't emailed it to me). The point of this is to say...it took me posting a picture of him to get him to come my silly, little blog. I won't hold it against him...in the end he came.

So for all you people out there who venture into my virtual world with no promise of a picture, I offer my thanks. Your comments give me more joy than you may ever know. I love comments, I love getting them, and I invite more people to leave them. I think getting a blog comment is kinda like being five years old and getting an unexpected letter from somewhere you've never been. And I'm even gonna put an end to my own blog-lurking ways and leave comments...who knows, you may find one coming your way soon (I hope so, or else I've yet to discover your gift of a blog--but not to worry, I'll get there eventually). 

Love, love, love to lurkers and brave commenters alike,


SHILL said...

i love love love your new banner darl!!!

Meg said...

so glad! yeah, i'm liking it right now. I'm a big fan of the kate spade ads

Mandee lost her individuality. said...

Hi. I'm a lurker. I just read every entry up until this one wanting to comment on each one but not gathering up the courage. You entertain, you do.