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Happy First Birthday Event Seek.

So I have a brother. His name is Connor. And I couldn't be prouder of him.

One year ago today, he and his friend Tristan launched their very own startup company, Event Seek.  

They left behind paying jobs and in this tumultuous economy are riding the wave and making a go of it. We always knew he'd put that engineering degree to good use and we also knew he'd have to be his own boss (those who know him will understand that comment--in fact rumor has it that the reason I never spoke as a child was because he did enough for the both of us. Not to worry, those who know me, now know I'm making up for those lost years). 

The purpose of the company (as I understand it, and I still don't quite get it) is to compile all the events in any given area so that if a person is in need of an some ideas of what to do or in need of some info regarding an event they are planning to attend this is the place to go. And the best part is, the site figures out what you like the more you use it and then caters to you individually. 

Last night they launched their very own prototype at www.event-seek.com. Check it out. And then you'll figure out just how proud I really am.

So happy birthday Event Seek. And Connor I can't believe I'm lucky enough to call you my brother.

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