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The ghostwriter has gone to bed.

Addendum: a few days later we have a breakfast nook!

So now I'm free to blog in peace and leave you with some images. Here's how the home is shaping up...

My work corner...featuring the table.

I've finally added some curtains. Technically I'm living in the living room, so without a door a girl must make do. The white picture frames on the left house pictures from Kate Spade adverts (which I got turned on to by the blogging community...you know, random blog surfing). 

MJ and my very own chalkboard wall. It's all because of Naomi. Though, I must say, chalk is very, very hard to find and this simple fact makes me sad for children all over the country. Bring back the chalk and the simpler times!

The first poster for our very long (very empty) hall. Picked it up at Z Gallerie, which is a fantastic alternative to Pottery Barn and Gracious Home. In fact it's one of my favorite stores and when I have loads of money I'll outfit the whole apartment in their items (along with a little anthro flair thrown in here and there).

Notice the air mattress at the back of the photo. Update on bed situation: the Phillies won the world series tonight!! Three cheers for that because it means my uncle will be in a fabulous mood for weeks to come and will therefore be extremely willing to cart two old twin mattresses into the city for me to turn into a bed nook overflowing with pillows. It also means I will proudly wear my retro Phillies trucker hat all day tomorrow (look for pictures to come).

So that's all for tonight. I've been running low on blogging ideas so hopefully an exciting post will be coming your way soon, but for now I leave you with this thought: MJ now responds to news and stories with this phrase..."blog dot com it." We've created a monster. 


SHILL said...

im with you in matters of the chalkboards!!!you have a very cozy home!quirky and cozy :) happy fabulous friday to you!

Nicole said...

Your apartment is fabulous Meg! Job well done, of course I expect nothing less from you.