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I guess I should confess...

...that you'll figure out how much I actually like you when you realize how slow of a texter I am, Gavin

...that I ate a whole bag of m&m's last night. no, not a regular bag. no, not a king sized bag. but a large bag. but "large" doesn't really do it justice. let me put it this way. it had about 14 servings in it. 14 not so small, but rather "large" servings

...that I'm kinda obsessed with a song right now; (and this is really embarrassing) it's by the J0nas Brothers. oh boy, even I'm cringing right now

what are blogs good for if not to post absolutely ridiculous pictures of yourself?

mmmm...but life is pretty good


naomi megan said...

i cannot wait to see you tomorrow!

and we're going to make homemade pizza (i guess i should say attempt to make homemade pizza!- we never have before...) and big salads tomorrow.

i'm going to try to make the dough tonight. cross your fingers!

see you in the morning lady!

Nicole said...

Oh Meg, I need to move up there right now! I hope everything is going well for you, perhaps the rather 'large' bag of M&M's was to celebrate how awesome you are? I think so!