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You know you have the best girlfriends in the world when...

You get a text message from all the girls telling you the exact location of "he who shall not be named" when he shows up out of nowhere. And the thing is they're letting you know so that you can make the choice as to whether to make a beeline for him or avoid at all costs. 

You get an email from one of your girlfriends regarding the relationship status of another girlfriend, because even if we're friends with the guy--we won't let him screw with the girl.

{I officially love you to Naomi and I'm gonna post it here for the world to see!}

Note to all men: Yes, girls can be awful to one another. But when we work together, they're is nothing more ferocious, protective, and powerful.

Sidebar: these pictures are so old and now that I've taken a liking to my camera again, we must all get together to take new ones.

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