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The wild and wily ways in which we pranced around New York City: Day Two

We weren't wild and we weren't wily. And there was certainly no prancing. None at all.

I woke up early and no longer able to honor being in a state of patience, I got myself to the closest CVS and bought a $4 dollar hair dye in the attempt to get my hair back to its natural shade of boring brown. I like my boring brown. Every time I saw the red sheen (most especially in pictures) I wondered who I was looking at. False, that's how I felt. I needed to return to my brunette roots and my bombshell attitude.

John slept in, or just stayed in bed for a while. Then he got work done, went for a walk and left me to take a nap--my poor sleeping habits are taking their toll.

Eventually we went to dinner at Charlie Brown's...I took pictures but they are conspicuously absent seeing as how I took them without my memory card in the camera and now they are locked in that little silver box and I don't know how to get them out.

This was after John presented me with the most beautiful pen in celebration of my graduation. It was so unnecessary but lovely and inscribed with a now necessary mantra, "All great accomplishments have beginnings." He wanted to get it for me since I am constantly writing things down in the form of lists (one small way in which I'm a quintessential Libra, Gavin). And one day I'll use it to sign autographs and very large checks (I'm putting that out in the universe, Karen). And when someone offers me a pen, I will smile my coy, disarming little smile and say, "Thank you, no, I have my own." Want to know what it looks like?...Not to worry I'll post some pictures tomorrow when my camera and I have come to a peace agreement.

Then John sat down to more school work and I hit up the neighborhood theatre for the documentary, Man On Wire. Vic, Rob, I'm so glad you suggested it because it was perfect.

After which, I headed home for a little ginger tea. Love ginger. Hate tea. But I'm working on it. And read a little book of astrology with John, getting good laugh as it nailed some of his idiosyncrasies head on.

Then to bed I headed and here I am an hour and half later wondering what happened. And wondering how time moves so quickly when I talk to him. Let's run away...really.

On a separate note. Victoria--I looked up the song from the Happy, Go Lucky movie trailer we saw. It's entitled Merry Happy. And speaking of songs right now I'm taken by Charlotte Sometime's How I Could Just Kill a Man. What do you think this means?

And today I tried to subsist only on junk food. I know it can't really be done, but a girl can give it a shot can't she? Well, the verdict's in: don't do it. Not that this knowledge will stop me from trying again in a few months.

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