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I'm kinda glad to be friends with this girl...

1. because we're the opposite in so many ways. and yet with one glance we know what the other is thinking.

2. because she's way cooler than I could ever hope to be.

3. because she's gonna be in my wedding party.

4. because she's gone raw. and it works for her.

5. because she lets me take a whole grocery sack full of books from her apartment. for borrowing purposes of course.

6. because we trade favorite poems. and secrets. so many secrets.

7. because we can still giggle and talk about boys and have sleepovers.
and serious stuff too, ya know?

8. because she'll hug me even if I try to run away.


Georgia B. said...

this post made me smile.

i found your blog through Shilvia. it is a fun one to read.

L.A. said...

This friendship you speak of, I know exactly what you mean.