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the perfect body initiative. day nine.

Why is your body perfect?

Every time I look at my belly and see a layer of fat...still...I think of my little baby that I had 6 months ago...and then I love it! I placed him for adoption and miss him like crazy, but my tummy reminds me of the miracle that he is! Such a miracle! Also- my hands- HUGE- but so capable!


i just have to say that lucy's story is so unbelievably
inspiring. you must read this.


Anonymous said...

what a sweet story and great addition to the initiative.

Micaela said...

wow. what an amazing amazing heart.

what a darling answer.

The Girl in the Yellow Shoes said...

So inspiring. I love this project and seeing everyone's blogs! Sweet Lucy had me in tears.

Ali said...

Wow. That's intense. And beautiful at the same time.

Hanako66 said...

wow, how powerful...I am going over to read her story now.

sheila said...